TriForce is SOS Gamers Charity Ambassador and has recently teamed up with Nintendo Life to help promote and introduce a new way in using eSports through Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to help charity initiatives in New York City. The project helps under privileged kids in low income houses to alternative activities that are constructive and productive. It also helps to develop their communication and teamwork abilities. 

Giving back to the community

TriForce believes that everyone who is able has an obligation to give back to the community in a charitable way. Playing video games whether its for casual fun or for professional purposes is a privilege and luxury that a lot of people do not or may never have.

With the influence that players have, a lot of good can be done by using their recognition in the gaming industry. Whether its programming games or competing in eSports tournaments, just as traditional sports athletes, give back to their community through charity so should gamers. 

TriForce works with the New York City gaming charity called S.O.S. Gamers and each year they create a charity function or activity to help those who are ill, hungry or simply less fortunate than they others.

It's Always the Season to Give

League of Legendary Gamers

New York City Harvest 
Sickle Cell Unit Charity Dinner

TriForce was in Jamaica recently and spent some time with Children from the Sickle Cell Unit by playing some games with them and helped to raise awareness for the illness to help find a cure. 

After 13 years of competing in a variety of games from retro to modern in the United States, TriForce Johnson returned to his home Island of Jamaica to expand his team and establish its dominance in other regions of the world. After the passing of his Mother in 2012, TriForce has been on a mission to help bring Jamaica and the Caribbean reach the international and industrial stage of eSports to honor her passing.

TriFoce has since executed his mission through the media all throughout the Caribbean and mainly Jamaica. In this, TriForce architects the infrastructure needed to run a official eSports League in Jamaica. After a successful campaign, TriForce returns to the United States in 2016 to restrengthen the Empire's front line in preparation for the eSports Industrial Revolution. 

TriForce has helped and supported Nintendo in so many ways but of all the support he has given to Nintendo his most unique effort came when the Big N decided to make TriForce a part of a eShop project. Nintendo recreated TriForce's official Mii and placed him in their online eShop. 

Now with TriForce’s virtual persona online and in the eShop, his Mii suggests to gamers around the world who have a Nintendo 3DS and are also online looking to shop for some of the virtual console game that were put out by Nintendo.

In the early stages of the Nintendo 3DS, this was instrumental in helping the public to become aware of some of their virtual console games for the system. If you didn't see a game you liked, TriForce Mii suggested all of his favorite Nintendo Titles that just so happen to be most of Nintendo’s popular titles such as the Legend of Zelda series.

Footage of TriForce on the eShop
TriForce Favorite Games N3DS eShop


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CEO and Founder, Empire Arcadia »

USING esports as a tool for charity

Super Smash Bros. Division Manager "Deadly Alliance" for Empire Arcadia; Wes, is also the Vice President for SOS Gamers and is here helping TriForce Johnson collect food for the hungry at the Super Mario 3D Land Launch during Thanksgiving Weekend.

On August 3rd, 2012; TriForce's eSports team Empire Arcadia placed 1st in over 1,000 Tournaments since 2003. Winning Local, Regional, National and World Class tournaments throughout the globe. This hard work and dedication which permeates every facet of the eSports brand ultimately culminated in Empire Arcadia to be Adjudicated and Certified by Guinness World Records to be #1 “Most Documented Tournament Wins for a Gaming Team” This is one of the milestones that his team has achieved as a brand and will continue to expand.

One year later, the team went on a winning campaign, adding 300 more wins to its current record 1,411. This completely out did the average pace of 110 tournament wins per year for the first 10 years. TriForce was able to manage the teams tournament campaign despite not having significant players from the first Dynasty that generated the first 1,000 victories. 

On April 18th, 2015, Triforce competed in his final tournament, scoring the 2,000th tournament victory for Empire Arcadia. It was then TriForce realized that this was the best possible time to step away from the competitive gaming scene for good to focus on the future management of his team and help develop eSPorts infrastructures in other regions of the world. 

On May 14th, 2015 Guinness updated the World Record, tacking on 1,000 more tournament victories since 2012 making the team the first to reach the 2,000 tournament victories mark in competitive gaming history. The award was given out by none other than eSports founding Father Walter Aldro Day Jr. himself.  

A nintendo Ambassador

Triforce Johnson has a long standing relationship in supporting the Nintendo brand. He has shown his support in ways other fans could only dreamed of. Whether its being in commercials for the newest Nintendo Game such Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda or being the first gamer in line for Nintendo's major Launch parties. TriForce is known around the world as a "Super" Nintendo fan who has always supported the Nintendo brand and the quality of their games. 

Many Nintendo fans around the world know who TriForce is, considers him as the modern Captain Nintendo; Nintendo's gaming ambassador. Sporting his Nintendo Power Glove TriForce champion's the Nintendo brand as it played a very important role in his upbringing and his life today.  

Nintendo and TriForce in the Media

Nintendo World Store Wii U Launch
Super Mario 3D Land Launch
Toy’s R Us Nintendo Wii Launch
Best Buy Nintendo 3DS Launch

Commercial Promotions and Advertising for Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Nintendo Wii U Impressions
Nintendo Week

TriForce in the Community Representing Nintendo

Nintendo Life – TriForce GameMaster
TriForce community project for Nintendo Flag ship game
TriForce the Nintendo Enthusiast

Isaiah TriForce Johnson Is not only the Founder and head of Empire Arcadia but is the team’s General Manger all rolled into one. TriForce’s mission for the team is to create a foundation for gamers to enter the competitive gaming industry also known as “eSports”.

TriForce recently retired competitively in 2015 to focus on the restructuring of the team’s brand and management on the competitive
level. The 6 time Guinness World Record Holder now plays the role of coach for the team's current and  new players. He shares his vast
fundamental gaming knowledge and experience to mentor the next generation of gaming champions under the team brand.

Through the envision platform that he has built over the last decade via Empire Arcadia, the gamers in eSports team have a influential position in helping to develop the video game industry as champions.

Diversity and Versatility is very important to TriForce in maintaining the teams ability to continue its winning tradition in a multitude of different genre and games. It is equally important to have a diverse roster of players to show the “Empire’s” true reach globally.

Empire Arcadia's Gamemaster