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Empire Arcadia - eSports Observer  -  07/22/16

​The Esports Observer releases a article that covers my work in recent years in Jamaica to help expand it from just a eSports community into a eSports industry. The eSports Observe goes over the infrastructure I've been working on along with Television networks such as Television Jamaica, telecommunication giants such as Digicel and FLOW and games like EA SPORTS FIFA. The article puts into prospective the current position for eSports in Jamaica. 

eSports Observer Article

Walter Day Trading Card Spotlight - 04/30/16

One of the most important treasures in the world of the gaming community is the Walter Day Trading Card ‪Collection‬. This collection comprise of thousands of video game trading cards from players, producers, games and historical events in the gaming community and culture. Each card is personally designed by Walter to encapsulate the history of each subject on the specific card.

These events, players, designers and any other entities that contributed to gaming's vast culture throughout the last 30 + plus years is preserved by Walter Day's personal work. I was given the honor to have my trading cards spotlighted in this interview and be cataloged in Walter's historic work. Take a read as they go in depth about myself in gaming in this interview.​

TRIFORCE - 03/01/16

One of my main projects for this year is to finally get this film out to the world. It is almost complete and will be launched as a short documentary. The film is the complete transparency about my life as a eSports pioneer. I make great sacrifices in my life personally and professionally to help push my eSports organization forward and I wanted to share that story with the world. 

Produced and Directed by Jack Schurman and "True Believer" productions the film has been in the making since 2011. You can take a look at the trailer which expands on the direction of what the King of Chinatown wasn't able to capture. Enjoy!

Winter Brawl X - 02/29/16

​​First it was the King of New York tournament, now Winter Brawl X. I told myself that I would not make any appearances to the fighting game community tournaments since my return to the United States but two of my veteran players representing my team are still fighting for the Empire. It would have been disrespectful to not at least witness their marvel from the shadows of the virtual battlefield. There was a grudge match between two rivals in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 old school scene which I watched as Desmond "Xecutioner" Pinkney execute Fanatiq in a first to 15 exhibition on the main stage of Winter Brawl. The score came down to 15-10 in favor of Xeuctioner. It was a very entertaining match to say the least. RedBull eSports covered the event along with some other matches. You can watch the match on Youtube below. 

Final Round 19 Interview - 03/20/16

On of the longest standing Fighting Game tournaments in the history of competitive gaming is Final Round. This year was it's 19th annual competition and it launched Street Fighter V in Atlanta in a big way with over 1,000 entrance. 

Scott Popular of the Final Round staff interviews myself and Jeron Hiro Grayson representing Empire Arcadia and we discuss our teams legacy, accolades and seniority in the Fighting Game Community. Hiro also puts a "Grand Master Street Fighter Challenge" for fighting game competitors as he looks to prove his mastery of the "Street Fighter" series.

Empire Arcadia in Jamaica eSports - 06/25/16

Empire Arcadia attends the Incontrol Triple Play event in full force in early June, showing its diversity in competitive gaming. In an effort to continue supporting the further development of ‪‎eSports‬ in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, EMP gives a behind the scene look at how well eSports has grown in Jamaica. Orville Shannon, Moses Davis, Brandon Azar and Phillip Christopher Atkinson talk about their experience at Incontrol where they think eSports will go from there.

Geezam a Tech Blog site for the Caribbean caught was at the event and caught up with one of my players in EMP, Phillip Christopher Atkinson aka "KDZ" to discuss with him his thoughts on what brought him back to the Island and how far has eSports come for Jamaica. Check out the interview

The Daily Dot eSports: Best of III - 02/10/16

Considered to be the New York Times for eSports, the Daily Dot eSports reached out to me for a interview to discuss eSports and its affect on the fighting game community, Street Fighter V up coming launch and Empire Arcadia's next move in the fighting game community. I tried to focus on those topics but unfortunately other matters were brought to the the table. Despite not really getting into the meat and potatoes of the original topic, we did get to discuss other issues that were just as interesting.  I did briefly go over how were were going to rearm our front line of fighters for Super Smash Bros., Mortal Kombat XL and Street Fighter V. That and more on the Daily Dot eSports. Click video for full show. 

The Focus on eSports in Africa - 03/23/16

As I continue to expand Empire Arcadia internationally, I'm shifting the organizations focus on the underrepresented and underdeveloped regions in the world of eSports. I spent one entire year in my home island of Jamaica helping to lay down a industrial eSports infrastructure and establish a platform in Jamaica so it can expand throughout the Caribbean and all of Latin America. I now turn my focus to my homeland of ‪‎Africa‬ to help do the same thing.

Radio show host Gareth Cliff of South Africa's Cliff Central, Interviewed me about my history as a gamer and our team in eSports. We also talk about Empire Arcadia going to Africa later in 2016 to help empower their already established eSports infrastructure. This is a opportunity for our team to create some footprints on African soil and support their growth in the multi million dollar global initiative. 

Building a Virtual Bridge - 0724/16

I stretched my hand out to Africa as far as I could to connect with my people locally. I'm covering a lot of ground thanks to the seeds I laid down a couple of years ago with Black Otaku, Next Gen and the Gareth Cliff Show. I finally got into contact with a very enthusiastic eSports local who connects directly with the community. We spoke for hours about Africa and our history. I learned so much more about myself, reinforcing my decision to plant my feet firmly on the soil of the Motherland herself. We went in depth about the current condition of eSports in Africa as a whole and what it would take to get it to the level of other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdoms, the Asia's and other well developed regions in the world. That and more can be found in the blog he wrote about me when he requested a Q&A and I would not dare deny him. eSports Africa Exclusive

​The Gauntlet - 05/06/16

Nintendo Life hosts a feature article with myself, Antoine Lewis-Hall of SOS Gamers and Jason Axelrod of ‪‎8WAYRUN‬, discussing the revival of Deadly Alliance's "Gauntlet". The feature goes in depth about the North East Fighting Game Community Redevelopment Plan and how it will execute its first step through the SOS Gamers Charity Invitational event for Super Smash Bros. SOS Gamers plans to use this launch to restructure their ‎Gauntlet‬ series from the New York Super Smash Bros. community.  Antoine Lewis-Hall goes over the rules for the redesigned tournaments series. The charity looks to raise funding for a New York City community center which will not only help inner city youths with alternative and positive activities to do via gaming but also serve as a eSports event hub for NYC.​

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The Obsolete Gamer Show - 05/02/16

​​The eSports Industrial Revolution is here and now the question is what will the landscape look like once all is said and done. On the East coast side of things myself and Wes, Vice President of SOS Gamers want to make sure that the scene is not left on the outside looking in.'s J.A. Laraque host a interview with myself and Antoine Lewis-Hall aka the Legendary Wes, General Manager of Empire Arcadia's Smash Bros. Division ‪‎Deadly Alliance‬ to talk about one of the first footprints for the North East Fighting Game Community Redevelopment plan, specifically the Tri-State region. We start with none other than Super Smash Bros. Wii U with the return of the Gauntlet. For more information and details tune in.

CEO and Founder, Empire Arcadia »

FGC Northeast Redevelopment Plan - 04/29/16

It's no secret that the North East Fighting Game Community is concerned about its future. As the industrial eSports revolution continues to expand its pressure is felt all around eSports scene throughout the world. Evolution of the FGC is inevitable and the North East is in need of that change sooner than its counter part. Who will step up to the plate and execute these changes? Chris Bahn of PVP Live discuss with me some of the communities finest who are interested in task and are in talks to make a change.​

Global eSports Industrialization -  04/​04/16

​​The industrialization and expansion of ‪#‎eSports‬ world wide is unprecedented. Its has a well rooted community and culture that spans over 30 years set into motion by its founding father, Walter Day. It's now reaching every corner of the globe and is slowly assimilating itself into mainstream society. UK's Sports Betting Community interviews me on the reach of the Industrial eSports Revolution and the what Empire Arcadia is doing in ‎Jamaica‬ with its ‪‎FIFA‬, Hearthstone Jamaica and League of Legends teams along with its 2016 campaign for ‪#‎Africa‬. 

The King of New York 2016 - 02/04/16 

After 1 year of work in Jamaica helping to set up an industrial infrastructure for eSports, I've return to New York City to work with two new businesses in the eSports industry. I've joined forces with MECH Multimedia and WeSC to help with the industrialization of eSports. The first regional event of the year is the King of New York tournament. One of, if not the oldest member in Empire Arcadia outside of myself and the High Father; represented the team in the competition. 

I was proud to watch one of my team's prestegious competitors, Jeron "Hiro" Grayson; represent Empire Arcadia among 9 of the top players that qualified for the tournament. After qualifying 2nd at the B League tournament the day before, Jeron placed 7th overall in A League Tournament. His most important accomplishment however, was defeating ex-member and now representing team Evil Genius (EG) Kbrad to stop him from winning the tournament and letting a player outside of New York take the title.

For his performance he was awarded New York's "#GateKeeper" award. Even in defeat, the Empire manages to come away with a victory. For the team our next major stop is MAGFest and Winter Brawl X. This is the beginning of my team's 2016 eSports campaign. During my absence things have been very dull for the FGC.

For more social media follow up see: Facebook Post
Feature Match: Youtube Video  

NYC Gamechat eSports Conference - 06/20/16

I was granted a special guest and panelist spot for the ‎GameChat‬ eSports conference in New York. I want to thank the people at GameChat for the opportunity to discuss the topic of eSports in New York City and if it's ready for it. Reflecting on the vision I had for eSports in NYC then to what it is now brings a lot into question. I look forward to sharing my industry experience and insight on the topic and answering as many questions as possible.

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Music and Game Festival 2016 - 02/21/16

After a two year absence, I finally return to Music and Gaming Festival. MECH Multimedia sponsored my team and I to attend the event. We went out and had a great time competing in the Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournaments. We won both of the competitions.

After being interviewed by Eugene Manning of Generate Magazine, I then did a screening with the creators of the film The Power of Glove along with a post screening panel. We had a great time at MAGFest as usual. Its just never enough time when you're having fun. I'll be back next year though.